Lesvos Trail 2016

LesvosTrail 2016

LesvosTrail 2016, the first international mountain race, was organized by ETAL (the Company for Local Development of Lesvos),via the program “HOST”, -The Olive Grove, as a factor of sustainable development. It is co-funded by the EU and a transnational partnership between Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Greece has been created for the implementation of the races.

The aim for LesvosTrail 2016 was the celebration of nature and sports, the promotion of the positive image of Lesvos as a destination and the alternative approach to tourism.

The successful outcome of these efforts was a result of the dynamic collaboration of the Municipality of Lesvos, through its promotion of the Network of Touristic Routes and Paths in Nature, the Chamber of Commerce of Lesvos with its promotion of the vast variety and quality of the local products and the olive groves of Lesvos, EAS SEGAS Lesvos with its athletic support and the Molyvos Tourism Association through the support of all the local entrepreneurs and businesses which embraced and supported dynamically the implementation of the races.

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