The international mountain trail races of Lesvos called ‘Lesvos Trail’ started as an institution in 2016 with the support of the Local Development Company of Lesvos (ΕTAL S.A.) who have created the network of walking trails of the island.

This is a unique athletic event with the support of many local associations working together to develop athleticism,  to portray the local nature, the olive groves, the sea and the beautiful paths that nature has created.

This celebration of nature and athleticism has an aim to showcase the network of walking trails of Lesvos and the growth of tourism of Lesvos as an alternative destination.

The most prestigious race of the event is LESVOS TRAIL 15km that targets athletes and mountain trail enthusiasts, people who seek to challenge themselves in a picturesque location deep in the natural terrain of the mountain peeks of Lepetymnos mountain.

We offer trails in all levels, such as the shorter trails of LEPETΥMNOS RUN 6km and the junior race LEPETΥMNOS RUN KIDS 1km that offer unforgettable memories for that whole family to enjoy.

The organizer of the event is the Molyvos Tourism Association with cooperation and support of local associations. Technical advisor of the races is the Lesvos Ride.