TIME: SUNDAY 01.10.2017 – START 07:30

The race will be on Sunday at 7:30 am, with starting point the woods of Molyvos above the football field of Molyvos. The athletes will follow the asphalt road towards Eftalou and then continue upon the dirt road next to the sea towards Skala Skamnias. The first station at 8 km and the second station at 12.5 km in Skala Skamnias will offer the necessary assistance to the runners. The next part of the race is uphill and for the next 10 km, runners will follow marked footpaths, ravines and dirt roads leading up to the peak of Vigla and Pr. Elias of Lepetymnos.

The third station is located in the village of Skamnia at an altitude of 250+ meters and at a distance of 2.5 km from the second. At the third station in Skamnia, the volunteers will provide the athletes the necessary support and replenishment to continue their journey until they reach the first peak of Vigla. The water spring at Krita, a refreshing source for runners as runners run beneath the shade of a plane tree forest, is the fourth station, located at the 18 km mark and at an altitude of 510+ meters. From Krita Station and for the remaining 5 km, the paths and the cobblestoned roads are replaced by an uphill dirt road.

The fifth station, at an altitude of 890+ meters and at the 23 km mark of the course is the main station of the race. Only the athletes who will have reached this point within 4 hours from the starting point of the race will qualify to continue the race. The remaining athletes, for their own safety, will be obliged to stop and to return to Molyvos by a car provided by the organizers of the race.

From this point on, until the next peak of Pr. Elias, the course becomes rough, rocky and is covered by low vegetation. The view at the 900+ meters altitude is breathtaking, with all of Lesvos at our feet, as well as the surrounding islands of the archipelago and the coastline of the neighboring continent. At 23.7 km, the huge bolder Kolaftos stands for centuries. At 900+ meters and at the 25km mark, we will find volunteers at the sixth station to show us the next challenging part of the race and at the 800+ meters altitude, we will find the seventh station which is an essential point of importance for runners, as for the remaining 5 km of the race, we will be alone on the mountain. From that point, with one more uphill kilometer, we will be at the highest point of the route at 920+ meters and at the 26 km mark of the race. From the peak of Pr. Elias the route goes downhill and follows marked hiking trails and pathways down to the eighth major control station at 29.5 km, where we will have descended within 4 km 600 meters of altitude. At this point we are at an altitude of 320+ at the village of Vafeios. After replenishment, runners will continue upon a small uphill slope on a rural dirt road to the springs of Ligona, above the coastal area of Petra and to the western end of the route. The rural dirt road here turns into a downhill path with a steep slope where, at a distance of 2 km, we will need to descend 255 meters, in other words from an altitude of 340+ down to 85+. Fast technical legs will favor some athletes, bringing them more easily to the ninth station near the reservoir. The ninth station near the reservoir is at the 33.5 km point. Although we are close to the finish line, we still have one more summit to conquer. The summit of Caruna needs special care. For the next 2 km, the path becomes a trail, following the perimeter of Caruna. Due to the continuous alternations of the altitude and the ground, the intensity will be continuous but the view overlooking the plain of Petra - Molyvos and the reservoir from above will be all the worthwhile, helping for the best end result. At the end of the path, a 2 km downhill dirt road will take us to the last control station. The last path is 1.5 km and our anticipation and enthusiasm to reach the finish-line at the woods from where the race began in Molyvos, will help us get there.

Athletes categories:
Men/Women – a. 18-39 years old, b. 40-49 years old γ. 50 years old.

(For each category at least 10 athletes must participate. Otherwise categories will be merged)

Altitude analysis:

Stations table:

Stations Volunteers Judges Provisioning Medics Transportation VHF Rescue Team
Stations Offering
S1 – KALA NERA Water
S2 – SKALA SYKAMIAS Water, Isotonic
S3 – SYKAMIA Water, Isotonic, Bar, Gel, Nuts, Fruit, Salty, Cake, Juice
S4 – KRITA Water, Isotonic
S5 – VIGLA Water, Isotonic, Bar, Gel, Nuts, Fruit, Salty, Cake, Juice
S6 – VRACHIA Water
S7 – PR. ILIAS Water, Bar, Nuts, Fruits
S8 – VAFEIO Water, Isotonic, Bar, Gel, Nuts, Fruit, Salty, Cake, Juice
S9 – LIMNODEKSAMENI Water, Isotonic
S10 – KAROUNA Water

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